The path of the silent witch

Dancing on the path of the silent witch
cheerful and enjoying every moment
her life is dedicated to pain and to death
with a taste for blood and a hunger for flesh

the path of the silent witch has no return
black magic is she dedicated to and will always be
no one does she know and no one knows her
she's alone in her fate and no one will join her

the silent wind blows through the trees
where a silent corpse is hanging in a rope
a young girl no more than sixteen years old
now she's dead, a victim of the witch

the body can die but the soul will carry on
immortal it is and no change it can be
what she does in current life will affect her next
the darkness in her heart will never disappere

dancing on the path of the silent witch
joining the dark side and fighting the light
cheering during the darkest days of life
misery is pain and pain is life

any love she cannot feel
pain, sorrow, misery and hunger
the feelings she enjoy
the strongest feelings there is

the darkness is growing strong in her heart
now there's no return to life only death
her body will soon die, but her soul is immortal
the soul will carry the darkness and never be redeemed

her eternal life is doomed to darkness
the price of dancing on the path of the silent witch
tartaros is the place she deserves
but she will survive, she always do

the silent witch is the shamaness
the greatest wizzard of magic darker than the night
covered in the blood of the dead goat
she will survive, she will make her soul free

free from light, free from mercy
darkness is the thing she wants
the shamaness of darkness, silent she will forever be
dancing on the path of the silent witch


Glamour and honor, the things she wants
sorrow and hunger, the things she have
her future is all dark, not a single light
her fate is sad and she knows she won't survive

her life is almost over, you can see it in her eyes
she knows she won't be missed, won't be grieved
she have no one, totaly alone in a broken world
so young and so beautiful but totally forgotten

how can a world work in such a way
how can beauty just die without anyone noticing
her destiny is set, she knows it and she feels it
her eyes are blank, not a single feeling is there

she sees the end of the tunnel
it's not bright, it's pitch black
sadness is the only thing she have ever feeled
sadness is the thing she sees, far, far away

she lies dead on the ground with a dagger by her side
the blood is leaving her body from the open wound
she lies there, so beatiful and so peaceful
her heart slowly stops beating, her soul is free.

Groove Coverage ger Inspiration

Tittade igenom några Groove Coverage videos nyss och fick omedelbart lite inspiration för att skriva något. Inget speciellt bra men jag publicerar det ändå ;)

God is a girl
God is a girl
you relize this
deep in the night
where no moonlight exists

she have her will
in mysterious ways
no one understands her
but she understands you

almighty she is
why we don't know
the world is just so
without any faults

perfect is she
more perfect than one can be
queen of the day
creator of life

she's the one
who gives you currage
she's the one
who makes you go on

a girl is the architect
a girl is the creator
God is a girl
forever in time

Angel of Death

Angel of death

So beautiful and yet so dangerous
Her dark hair and her dark eyes
A fire burns inside her heart
A fire so warm and bright
A fire for a thing so horrible
Death is her thing, it will forever be
An angel sent from the sky
Suffering she delivers

Don't look into her eyes
A flame is burning there
A flame so bright and so warm
Your blood will freeze in your veins
Her smile will make you cold
The eyes of death you'll see
So horrible and yet so beautiful
How can that be? How can that be?

She walks the earth in darkness
Her breath so light and so cold
You will stumble, you will fall
There's no light, there's no mercy
Her voice is so beautiful and clear
A voice so cold and so hungry
Hungry for death is she
And so she will forever be

Loved by one, feared by all
So quiet and so cold
Her true love she will never see
Deep in her eyes sorrow you'll see
Behind the blazing flame for death
Sorrow you will find, sorrow of the darkest kind
Death is her thing, it will forever be
The angel of death is she


Ibland får man bara inspiration och det enda man vill göra är att skriva. Må det vara musik, program eller något annat. Man måste bara göra det för att få det ur huvudet.

Idag har jag fått inspiration för diktande, kan verkligen inte sånt, är hur kass som helst. Men det är lika bra att göra något av det så att man får bort tankarna från det. Hur som helst, tänkte dela resultatet med er, om det nu är någon som läser denna smörja ;)

The fallen
A fallen angel, fallen from the sky
The angel of death, darkness and pain
With deep dark eyes, with a thirst for blood
Hungry is thee, hungry for vengeance
For the God we trust, the God we now
Hate him you do, your eyes tells us so
Quiet are thee, not a word from your throat
Silent like the wind and cold as winter
Wandering the earth without light, without soul
An empty shell are thee, no feelings has survived
An eternal life with sorrow and grief
Feard by all and loved by none
Alone you will be, forever and ever

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